Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tera's Whey - Love the name!

I came across Tera's Whey when I was shopping at a local Fresh and Natural Store. I wasn't even looking for protein powder that day, but the name caught my eye. Seeing Tera's Whey on the package made me instantly pick it it was made just for me. When I saw that it was gluten free I decided to buy it. After I got home I looked up Tera's Whey's website and discovered what an AWESOME company it really was. Not only did the product have a pretty cool name, but they are local (to me) and have a revolutionary way of making whey:

How Tera’s Whey is Manufactured

One of the most unique things about Tera’s Whey is where the whey comes from. The norm in the whey protein business is to buy whey from a blender who sources it from huge plants wherever it is cheapest at the time. One month it may be from a big plant in the US, another from New Zealand, and in another month it could come from Europe. 
Tera’s Whey is made from raw whey from small local cheese plants in Wisconsin that get their milk from small family farms. Some of the owners are farmers, some of the cheese plants are small cooperatives owned by farmers.  This means they always know where their raw whey is coming from and so do you.
Tera’s Whey is the ONLY plant in the country that makes organic cow, r-bgh free cow, and goat whey proteins for use in nutritional supplements. 
Tera's Whey contains: 

  1. Complete branch chain amino acids in a very bio-available form.  
  2. Trace minerals and beneficial companion products such as lactoferrins and immunoglobulins. Tera’s Whey contains more of these naturally occurring  compounds to preserve more of the holistic healthy properties of whey.
  3. No casein. Casein is the milk protein in cheese.  Any trace amounts that remain in the raw whey are removed in our microfiltration process.
  4. No butterfat— It’s in the cheese. We remove any remaining fat in our process.
  5. Trace amounts of lactose.  All whey proteins, even isolates, have trace amounts of lactose remaining in them.  Typically the amount found in isolates and 80% whey protein concentrate products are so small that they are tolerated by people with lactose intolerances.  Tera’s Whey contains 1g per serving. People who are lactose intolerant should not use cows milk to hydrate Tera’s Whey.
  6. No gluten.  Gluten comes from wheat and could only appear in a dairy product like whey protein powder through environmental contamination.  We lab test our whey proteins to make sure that they remain gluten free.
  7. No MSG.  Monosodium glutamate is a flavor additive that can be covered up on a product label by calling it a “natural flavor”.  Our products do not contain MSG, nor is it a naturally occurring substance in whey protein.  There are no guidelines for labeling products MSG free.
  8. No added sugar.
  9. No fillers.
  10. No artificial flavors or colors.
  11. No hormones, steroids, or any other additives.

I tried the Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate Whey Protein  and the Organic Bourbon Vanilla Whey Protein. I mixed the Vanilla Whey with 8 oz. of water in my shaker after a workout and I was pleasantly surprised. The whey easily mixed in the shaker (without clumps) and had a great creamy texture. No gross “fake sugar” after taste like most protein powders.  When I tried the Chocolate Whey, I had just finished a run and needed some extra carbs & natural sugars to help me recover. I mixed ½ c. of milk, ½ c. water, ½ of a banana, 4 crushed ice cubes and the whey in my Magic Bullet. WOW – it was like a Malt!!!!  So good.

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