Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a Miracle!!!!

Since I am now on the "low carb" part of my Show Prep Diet, I am SERIOUSLY craving my rice noodles. I've tried other gluten free noodles, but Thai Rice Noodles are by far my favorite. Before my diet revamp, I lived off of rice noodles. Rice noodles with chicken, rice noodles with veggies, rice noodles with shrimp, rice noodles in my orange juice. Ok, so I got a little carried away one time. But honestly, every day I made my rice noodles, threw in some type of extra & covered it in spaghetti sauce. Voila! Instant yumminess! I seriously believe that I had to have been a fat, Italian man in some past life because I LOVE my noodles with red sauce! And when they were eliminated from my diet, let's just say that I was a VERY unhappy girl!

That is until I found The Miracle Noodle. Miracle Noodles are GLUTEN FREE, SOY FREE, CALORIE FREE & CARB FREE noodles made from Konnyaku Flour (Konnyaku Flour is a soluable fiber is supposed to  slows digestion and give you that "full" feeling). Miracle noodles come in a a few different varieties - rigatoni, orzo, fettucini, mini pearls. I decided to try the angle hair. These "miracle noodles" sounded too good to be true, so I had to give them a try.

When I got the noodles, I noticed that they were packaged a little differently than your regular noodles. They came already cooked in a fluid filled bag. The directions said to rinse the noodles VERY well, boil in water for one minute, drain, and COMPLETELY dry off.  When I opened the package, I understood all of the rinsing directions. They had a very unique smell, to say the least. So I rinsed, and I rinsed AND I RINSED, boiled, drained & dried the noodles in paper towels. When they were COMPLETELY dry, I added in my chicken & veggies and poured on the spaghetti sauce. And THEY TASTED AMAZING!!!! I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the full carb and no carb noodles. So happy!

Here I sit 3 hours later & I would normally be starving by now and waiting at the fridge for my next meal, but I still have a little of that "full" feeling. So I guess there is something to the Miracle Noodle's claim that your will feel fuller, longer. These definitely are a miracle noodle. No calories, no soy, no gluten, no carbs, but SUPER YUMMIE! I will be eating oodles of these noodles!

My rating: 5 stars!!

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